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Sputnik Software reports successful quarter

Sputnik Software, ATM S.A.'s subsidiary that develops software for the government, has reported profit for the first quarter of 2008. New sale contracts for the company's flagship products helped achieve this favorable result.

The flagship products include the e-Urząd (e-Government) suite of applications that help local authorities provide electronic access to public services for residents. The company delivered 50 implementations of this system in the last quarter.

In January 2008, the company signed the agreement on “Development of IT infrastructure for the Ozorków Municipality and launching the integrated IT platform.” The project, co-funded by the European Union, has been delivered by a consortium of  ZETO S.A., based in Poznań, and Sputnik Software sp. z o.o. The scope of works included the delivery and implementation of the IT system and the development of online public services, as well as the delivery of hardware and software. Under the agreement, the consortium has designed and deployed a structured cabling system, delivered database and application software, workstations, and a mail server. As a part of their e-Government offering, Sputnik Software has delivered and implemented their proprietary Electronic Workflow system, including the Electronic Inbox, as well as the identification and authentication system based on the qualified electronic signature approach.

The company has completed its works in the “Słubice Gate” project. The development of the “Słubice Gate” has been co-funded by the European Union. Słubice region communities (Słubice, Rzepin, Górzyca, Ośno Lubuskie and Cybinka) have received new computers. The Electronic Workflow system has been implemented and Internet access points and hotspots (for wireless Internet access) have been installed. Customers are now able to submit letters electronically to authorities. The only formality required is to have a certified e-signature. A portal will soon be created for the “Słubice Gate” system to facilitate the exchange of information on companies, jobs, training courses, and offerings for tourists. Headlines from each community will also be posted to the portal.

Another project, “Delivery and implementation of an integrated customer care platform with the electronic inbox and electronic workflow system at the Leszno municipality”, is still in progress. Under the related agreement, electronic public service will be implemented using the Electronic Inbox system and the PROTON Electronic Workflow System will be implemented at the municipality.

About Sputnik Software:
Sputnik Software is a technology company that develops software and provides end-to-end IT services. The public sector is our main area of operation. Sputnik Software was founded in 2000. Our first proprietary software for budgeting was addressed at local government units, which became our first customers. Later, we have been developing and selling our software to meet our business objectives.
Sputnik Software is a competence-based company and Microsoft Corporation’s Gold Partner. We have developed multiple software applications for local government and for corporations. Our Software Development Department employs dozens of software, database, encryption, and business analysis experts. Their expertise is demonstrated by certificates and references from many successful projects.

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