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Cineman establishes cooperation with Netia

Cineman, a company partially owned by ATM S.A. and Monolith Films, has signed an agreement with Netia S.A. The Cineman Video on Demand is scheduled to be launched in Netia's subscriber network on May 30th. This service is addressed to all Netia customers who have an Internet access agreement.

With Video on Demand, you can buy your favorite films without leaving home and watch them on your PC screen. Visit www.netia.cineman.pl for a large and extremely attractive film database offered to Netia subscribers. After logging in, subscribers may purchase a film that will be available to them over the next 24 hours. Extensive descriptions and trailers help you choose your title, while the fees for ordered movies are added to your monthly invoice.

Films available to Netia subscribers include global hits as well as connoisseur cinema. “Apocalypto”, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”, “Step up”, “Job, the end of grey matter”, “The constant gardener” or “Babel” are only few among the titles currently available for watching. The per view fee is PLN 6 or 8, VAT included. As a promotion, during the first month of using the service, the first film is rented free of charge.

Cinem@n is a joint stock company formed by ATM S.A. and Monolith Films Sp. z o.o. It has an innovative offer on the Polish multimedia market, including the commonly available Cinem@na Web Cinema and the Video on Demand (VOD) service. Although definitely different in terms of their program, these projects share two aspects: the extremely attractive film library and the reliable technology ensured by the ATM InternetTV platform.
The Cinem@n Web Cinema (www.Kino.Cineman.pl) is the first commonly available Internet cinema for users who are looking for diversified offering, flexible payment methods, compelling prices, and simple access.
Video on Demand (VOD) is addressed at subscriber network operators who may benefit from a special bundle of best films from all over the world offered by Cinem@n.

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