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ATM S.A. broadcasts Euro 2008 in the Internet!

ATM S.A., as a technological partner of Redefine Sp. z o.o., a company created by the owners of Polsat TV in order to introduce TV formats to the Internet, will provide its ATM InteractiveTV technological platform to broadcast the European Football Championship - UEFA Euro 2008.

Within this project, Redefine also partners with Netia S.A and Telekomunikacja Polska S.A. who are in charge of ensuring Web broadcasting to their subscribers. ATM acts as the technological enabler without its own subscriber network who provides value-added services to other telecommunications carriers. In this project, ATM uses its own countrywide broadband network, ATMAN, as well as the components of ATM InteractiveTV in order to transfer the signal to all mobile carriers having interconnection points with the ATMAN network. These carriers, in turn, will enable the transmission of the signal to their subscribers. As both Redefine and ATM offer the transmission free of charge, dozens of thousands of Internet surfers will be able to enjoy the exciting competition without leaving their PCs. In order to access the transmission, subscribers of broadband services (1 MB+ is preferable) in their carriers’ networks need to visit euro2008.atm.com.pl and register.

As a result of the cooperation between ATM, Redefine and Telewizja POLSAT, the Web surfers will not only enjoy live transmissions, but will also be provided with full access to the expandable library of video files with the highlights of all matches, official news directly from Euro 2008 playgrounds, UEFA statistics, interviews and feature stories. The preparation of the coverage for the Internet involves several dozens of journalists and editors from Redefine assisted by the editorial team of Polsat Sport, Polsat Sport Extra and Polsat News. In order to receive the transmission, you need to download and install ipla, the proprietary application developed by Redefine. All other components of the platform used in this project (the Euro2008.atm.com.pl portal, archives, the distributed system of content broadcasting) are part of the proprietary ATM InteractiveTV system.

ATM InteractiveTV is a solution that allows the appropriate preparation of coverage, the transmission of signal in “live” and “on-demand” modes, and the adequate protection of coverage against any misuse. The infrastructure made available to Web surfers by ATM is probably the country’s largest multimedia coverage distribution network which ensures the ability to simultaneously transfer high-quality video to Web users. The key condition of high-quality broadcasting received by the user is the adequate configuration of the carrier’s subscriber network which needs to be equipped with the ATMAN interface of appropriate quality. The preferred solution is to equip this network with servers of the distributed content broadcasting system delivered by ATM. The ATM solution supporting the Web distribution of Euro 2008 has not been selected accidentally. The company has extensive experience on the Internet market and offers high-quality telecommunications solutions. However, the success measured by the satisfaction of Web users with regard to the received program will largely depend on the quality of the subscriber network to which the PC is connected.

UEFA Euro 2008 is the largest media event that will be available live in the Internet due to the efforts of ATM S.A. and others. This is an unprecedented undertaking in the Polish Internet. It constitutes a great challenge and, at the same time, a test of technical and organizational capabilities of all partners.

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