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Sputnik Software selected by the Association of Municipalities of the Płock Region and by the IT Institute of National Forestry

Sputnik Software Sp. z o.o., a company of the ATM S.A. group specialized in developing software for the public administration sector, has signed an agreement with the Association of Municipalities of the Płock Region to deliver software and training for 14 municipalities of this region. An agreement has also been signed with the IT Institute of National Forestry on the "delivery of cryptographic cards, cryptographic card readers with related software and of qualified certificates to business units of state forests".

The first project is co-financed with the funds of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism. The subject matter of the order is the delivery, licensing, installation, configuration, launch and customization of Sputnik Software’s System of Electronic Document Flow with the Electronic Inbox. The order also includes the delivery of training for the municipalities’ employees, as well as developing the Infrastructure for the Qualified Digital Signature. The key element of the implementation is to customize the document flow system in line with the specificity and needs of particular offices. The system launch will include the development of a complete IT layer Security Policy for the deployed IT system, with particular emphasis on requirements specified in regulations of the Ministry of Interior and Administration with regard to the protection of public information, as well as on the recommendations of the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection.

For the second project, Sputnik Software will deliver over 2,500 cryptographic cards for the employees of State Forests along with middleware, card readers and server licenses. Implementation tasks will include graphical personalization and initialization of cards in the State Forests security system. Within the agreement, Sputnik Software will additionally deliver nearly 900 qualified certificates for State Forests employees.

Together, the signed contracts are worth over PLN 1,400,000.

About Sputnik Software:
Sputnik Software is a technology company that develops software and provides end-to-end IT services. The public sector is the company’s main area of operation. Sputnik Software was established in 2000. The company’s first proprietary software for budgeting was addressed at local government units, which became its first customers. Later, the company has been developing and selling software to meet its business objectives.

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