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ATMAN connecting operators and portals - two years of AC-X network development

The AC-X nodes were founded two years ago in order to facilitate traffic interchange between operators and portals. Success of such ventures is usually measured by the number of users and traffic volume. AC-X nodes are currently used by approximately 130 operators and portals, and the traffic exceeds 25 Gbps.

This places the AC-X network as a leader amongst national inter-operator traffic exchange nodes, and proves that our estimate of market needs, which had been the impulse to launch this project, was right on track.The AC-X network is available today in a dozen or so municipalities, and the nodes are a part of the national data transfer network. The initially used 2.5 Gbps lines were replaced with redundant N×10 Gbps lines last year. Nodes with the highest load were equipped with efficient Cisco 7600 and 7200 series routers, and with DCS servers supporting video streaming (both real-time streams and video-on-demand). The AC-X network, along with the entire ATMAN network, was also connected using a 2×10 Gbps line with the international DE-CIX inter-operator node in Frankfurt.

AC-X nodes are continuously improved with regard to range and performance, as well as their functionality. The portfolio has been enhanced with services based on the multicast technology (transmission to multiple recipients at once, particularly suitable for TV broadcasters), and DCS server based services (media content distribution; a proprietary ATM solution). The first chance for testing the quality and performance of the DCS system came with the Internet broadcasts of Euro 2008 games (over 80 thousand registered users, maximum traffic exceeding 5 Gbps). AC-X nodes and DCS servers enabled operators to guarantee comfortable viewing on customer side, and to avoid overloading the main Internet connections.

We aim at maintaining the quick pace of AC-X node network development over the next few years, since these nodes are an excellent tool supporting operators in adapting their networks to evolving user requirements (more SD/HD video and Internet TV resulting in increasing line load and more demands related to quality and reliability).

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