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First contract stages with a telecom operator resulting in $4.2 million in turnover

ATM S.A. completed the first network infrastructure delivery stage for a leading national communications service provider. The net value of this contract stage is estimated at $2.7 million.

Delivery is expected to continue in the second half of this year. The net value of the next contract stage is estimated at $1.5 million. This contract pertains to network solutions based on Cisco Systems technologies dedicated to serving leading edge Internet services. Implementation of solutions offered by ATM shall enable the customer to provide Internet access services with beneficial end-user parameters, better traffic management, and network infrastructure control.

It should be also noted, that the telecoms are perceived by ATM S.A. as its key customers. The company works together with leading mobile telephony operators, cable TV operators and ISPs. Supporting several dozen customers representing this sector provides ATM S.A. with thorough insight on customer needs, enables trend tracing, and aligning the portfolio with the evolving needs of this dynamic industry.

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