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ATM S.A. at IBC 2008

ATM S.A. took an active part in Europe's largest TV broadcaster exhibition - IBC 2008 in Amsterdam. It was one of two Polish companies with an exhibition at this year's edition of the show. The company presented its solutions ATM BankingTV and ATM InternetTV, and its regional multimedia content distribution network based on ATMAN's infrastructure.

The company hit the spot, because this year’s IBC 2008 was dominated by subjects such as Digital Signage, IP TV, Mobile TV and Multi-Platform Content Distribution. ATM solutions cover all these subjects, offering outstanding functionality and integration of scattered functions in a single, unified and scalable platform.

This year’s IBC turned out to be a huge success altogether. The number of registered attendees reached 50 thousand. More than 1400 companies from 130 countries presented their solutions, and many selected IBC 2008 to be the place and time to showcase their new products. A major part of IBC 2009 space was booked already during IBC 2008. ATM S.A. also became a beneficiary of this huge venture. The number of meetings held during this year’s IBC exhibition clearly exceeded last year’s experiences. This year, our space at IBC was particularly often visited by Polish ATM S.A. customers, including the representatives of top media companies, such as Cyfrowy Polsat and Point Group Media Platform. ATM S.A. not only gained new business contacts, but also established promising technology and media platform development relationships with overseas partners.

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