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ATM S.A. is developing an infrastructure as part of a National Digital Archive project

ATM S.A. won two tenders and signed deals with the Archive of New Records pertaining to developing a server room and a LAN. Archive of New Records investments are a factor in securing the National Digital Archive project activities. Combined net value of both contracts amounts to approximately PLN 900 thousand.

The National Digital Archive (NDA) was formed in March of this year, as a result of transforming the Mechanical Documentation Archive. NDA is a central state archive. Basic NDA tasks include: archiving digital materials, including “electronic documents”, archiving photos, sound clips, films, digitizing traditional archive materials, and sharing digital information and archive materials (including online sharing). NDA is also responsible for all tasks previously performed by the Mechanical Documentation Archive.

As a central state archive, NDA supervises other archives such as those managed by Telewizja Polska S.A., Polskie Radio S.A., the Polish Press Agency, Filmoteka Narodowa (The National Film Archive), and the Documentary and Feature Films Studio. Along with digital materials, NDA also collects traditional archive materials. Archives contain approximately 14 million photographs, 30 thousand sound clips and almost 2.5 thousand films.

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