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Leading edge IT technologies for Praga high schools

ATM S.A. and the District Office of Praga Południe began working together on implementing leading edge IT technologies. The first beneficiaries of this cooperation are Praga Południe high schools.

ATM S.A. signed a multi-year framework agreement with the District Office of Praga Południe, pertaining to cooperation in implementing leading edge technologies for the local community. The first project resulting from this deal relates to building Wi-Fi networks and school multimedia archives for high schools in the district of Praga Południe. The venture assumes delivering suitable infrastructure to six high schools, and providing access to a multimedia archive containing educational materials, including materials made available by Telewizja Polska S.A. This initiative shall enable 3529 students and 600 teachers to use the implemented solutions. On behalf of the District Office, the venture is supervised by Mayor Tomasz Kucharski and the Chief Officer of the Organization Department, Magdalena Kreter-Bartkiewicz.

Basic functionality of the project was made available on the National Education Day (October 14, 2008), and full functionality shall be reached within the next couple of weeks. It is worth mentioning that some of the schools are already well-equipped with multimedia systems and technical solutions supporting the learning process, thanks to parent and school management initiatives. In the Bolesław Prus School Complex, the students may perfect their foreign language skills through direct contact with students from France, Great Britain and Belgium. The Warsaw Insurgents High School at 1 Zbaraska St. has multiple multimedia boards with galleries and a media library. It has also equipped six rooms with multimedia projectors, and every classroom has at least one network socket available. However, the ATM S.A. and District Office of Praga Południe initiative shall provide the schools with solutions that are much more functional.

The wireless network will eliminate problems with connecting to the school network and with Internet access. Both teachers and students will be able to connect to the network from any location within the school. This will help conducting classes using ITC tools, regardless of whether or not the classroom has a network socket available. Teachers with notebook computers will be more mobile, and their work will be more efficient. The multimedia archive, based on a proprietary ATM S.A. solution, will enable accessing and managing rich educational content. The project is supported for example by Telewizja Polska S.A., who provides video content. Moreover, the schools have media libraries of their own.

The project is an example of mutual benefits and synergy effects between venture participants. The District Office handled the administration area, and ATM delivered the technology and conducted the deployment. Telewizja Polska on the other hand has a chance to work on its primary mission. The goal of this venture is honorable, and its main beneficiaries are teachers and high school students, who have a chance to gather more information in a more attractive manner than before. The District Office wishes to create better conditions for using IT at schools, and prepare both school employees and students to use it. It also wishes to provide better access to local and global information, and develop the habits of continuous improvement in the area of work and didactic methodologies.

“Implementing leading edge technologies at schools is the answer to the challenges of the twenty-first century. The District’s development depends on the young generation, so we need to invest in them,” says Mayor Tomasz Kucharski.

This venture fits the wide perspective of ATM business development. The company wants to promote IT technologies and create new opportunities for ICT development. In the early stage, this means supporting students of all ages (ATM has been funding scholarships for outstanding Polish IT faculty students for many years), and at a later stage — ITC research and development, and supporting their commercialization. Last year, the company decided to go forward with an ambitious, long-term project of the ATM Innovation Center. The strategic goal of this venture is to create an entrepreneurship incubator, comprehensively supporting innovative companies during their first stages of development. The next step will be commercial implementation of innovative services and products in cooperation with ATM-Lab Research and Development Center. The ATM Innovation Center is located in the Praga District. Based upon the Council of Ministers Regulation of November 2, 2007, the Warsaw subzone of the Łódź Special Economic Zone has been extended to include the current ATM S.A. headquarters at 21a Grochowska St. On July 10, 2008, the company was authorized to launch its business in this first economic zone in Warsaw, dedicated to leading edge IT technologies.

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