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Growth of the ATMAN network telecommunications infrastructure

In 2008, ATM S.A. has completed a number of investment projects, significantly increasing its technology assets and capabilities of providing advanced services to existing and new customers.

Thanks to the consistent telecommunications infrastructure expansion policy, the company solidifies the basis for its recurrent revenue growth. It will enable the company to maintain a stable financial condition despite the economic slump.

Most investment projects under the two-year program of fiber backbone expansion were completed at the end of 2008. Until the end of November, ATM S.A. has built 94 km of optical lines. The new optical cables include 3,396 km of fiber pairs, which means that the service infrastructure has increased by 27%.

The nodes of the northern ring have also been expanded. The throughput between the nodes has been increased country-wide, resulting in a nation-wide MPLS backbone and Warsaw SDH backbone (two rings, a dozen or so nodes.) At present, the company is able to provide data transmission and broadband Internet services with the 10 Gbps backbone in key cities, such as Warsaw, Łódź, Katowice, Kraków, Lublin, Gdańsk, Szczecin, Poznań, and Wrocław.

The service offer based on modern server rooms still remains one of the strategic directions of company growth. A significant part of the investment expenditures in 2008 was used for modernizing and expanding the server rooms. In result of that, the collocation space increased by 126%. To address market needs, and at the same time to increase the quality of its services, ATM S.A. put more emphasis on security and performance of its power infrastructure (new transformer stations and high-power generator sets.) It will enable the company to even further expand its collocation services in the ATMAN Data Center, which are very popular among the customers.

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