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mPay: mobile payments directly from an account in the Citi Handlowy bank

A press conference titled “Pay with your mobile” took place today in the Warsaw Municipality. The conference was organized by the Citi Handlowy bank, the Plus mobile telephony operator, the mPay company, and ZTM (public transport authority).

The conference enjoyed a lot of interest of the media and the subject matter gave rise to a hot discussion. For mPay, an ATM Group company, it is yet another milestone in its development. The participation of the Citi Handlowy bank and Polkomtel (owner of the Plus network) significantly improves the chances of popularizing mPay services.

The “Pay with your mobile” project is open. Other mobile operators and financial institutions are encouraged to participate. The developed business model is accepted by all existing partners and is likely to be accepted by new ones. The project’s scale is unprecedented and provides a basis for introducing an open standard for mobile payments, accessible for a very wide group of customers. The service is free of charge for the user. The user may effect a payment through his/her mobile phone, directly from his/her Citi Handlowy bank account. For the first time, mobile payments will be available also to passengers of the public transport means in Warsaw, who will be able to buy period tickets using that method.

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