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New international and domestic lines in the ATMAN network

Recently, the ATMAN network undertook a number of initiatives to optimize the international and domestic communications with the Internet.

Increasing the number of direct lines to multiple operators and their customers leads to better quality and reliability of the ATMAN network, and at the same time helps to reduce costs and eliminate bottlenecks. Therefore, such changes are directly beneficial to current and future ATMAN customers.

Particularly worth mentioning is the new foreign interconnect node AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) added to the ATMAN network to supplement the line to the German node DE-CIX (German Internet Exchange) in Frankfurt, launched in the previous year. Both nodes are the largest European interconnect sites with IP traffic capacity of over 600 Gbps and over 500 Gbps respectively.

Another initiative is the connection of the central node of ATMAN AC-X (a network of interconnect nodes present in 14 cities) with the PLIX interconnect node. The new connection significantly increased the group of operators reachable from both nodes (at present, over 80 operators in PLIX in Warsaw and ca. 120 operators in AC-X, including ca. 50 in Warsaw). Other lines used by ATMAN have also been expanded.

  • The actual use of international lines exceeded 20 Gbps in December (currently 7 operators, five 10 Gbps ports and four 1 Gbps ports).
  • The load of the point of interconnection with TP S.A.’s network increased to ca. 10 Gbps (two 10 Gbps ports and one 1 Gbps port).
  • The traffic in the AC-X network currently exceeds 30 Gbps.

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