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ATM delivers the ipla signal

ATM S.A. has been selected by Redefine Sp z o.o. as the provider of video signal distribution services (ATM CDN and ATM Storage services).

Under the three-year contract, ATM will deliver the signal to nearly 1.2 million users of ipla — an interactive entertainment platform. Currently, ATM delivers as many as 10 thousand concurrent streams. The traffic on servers scattered around the country reaches 3 Gbps.

ATM S.A. owns the largest and most effective CDN (Content Delivery Network) in Poland, what enables the company to provide highly professional video signal transfer over the Internet. The distributed architecture of the distribution platform eliminates bottlenecks and also enables delivering HD signal. The distribution platform is, both in terms of infrastructure and software, designed and owned by ATM, which allows making ongoing modifications to meet the expectations of the customers and end-users of the system. Thanks to ATM, the ipla project is not burdened with investments in costly hardware, Internet lines, and software. The settlements are handled in the service-based model.

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