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The "Pay with your mobile" project covers another city

As revealed by mPay, the ATM S.A. subsidiary in £ódľ has launched the innovative "Mobile payments for parking" service. It is the second city in Poland, after Warsaw, that has joined the mobile payments system.

The new service enables drivers to make payments with their mobile phones for parking in the paid parking zone in £ódľ. The drivers will be able to start billing and extend the parking time from any location.

The launch of the mobile payments system in £ódľ has a strategic importance for the city, and its first functionality supports payments for parking space. “By introducing the innovative system, we have shown that £ódľ is a modern city keeping up with global technology standards,” said Jaros≥aw Wojcieszek, vice-president of £ódľ.

“The mPay company is the first billing agent in Poland offering mobile payment services. Thanks to the joint »Pay with your mobile« initiative, the £ódľ Road and Transport Authority, and Cool Ar, our partner, we are launching the services of mobile phone payments for parking space. £ódľ is the second big city, where we are offering the innovative method of paying for parking. I am convinced that the easy and secure payment model we are offering will become a standard for mobile payments,” said Konrad £uczak, Management Board President, mPay S.A.

“Plus is the first mobile carrier in Poland that has offered mobile payment services to its customers. The first service has been implemented over 18 months ago. In line with our position as an innovator in the Polish mobile telecommunications market, at the end of 2008 we have launched, in cooperation with the Citi Handlowy bank and the mPay billing operator, the next crucial stage of this project by offering the »Pay with your mobile« service,” said Magdalena Jaksztowicz, Project Manager at Polkomtel S.A. “We are happy that from now on, this service is also available for people living in £ódľ. Thanks to the direct link between our services and bank accounts, mobile payments will undoubtedly shortly become very popular, and the people in Poland will discover the many advantages they offer, including better mobility, comfort, and high security. We are convinced that mobile payments will become a new, important functionality of the mobile phone.”

“»Pay with your mobile« is a breakthrough in the mobile payment market thanks to the historic agreement we have achieved. It is for the first time that a bank, a mobile carrier, and a billing agent have agreed on a joint business model. Thanks to this agreement, the innovation we have introduced for mobile payments may become a service for the mass market, and with time become a standard adopted by other operators,” explained Sebastian Geldner, Head of the Deposit Payment Service Division. “Citi Handlowy is the first bank that will provide its customers with the ability to pay with their mobiles, directly using their account balance. This is yet another example of our consistent efforts to implement a strategy centered around developing customer satisfaction. We offer solutions, where innovation meets the ease and comfort of use.”



mPay S.A. has developed an innovative technology making financial transactions via mobile possible. The company operates as a billing agent providing telcos and banks with a flexible mobile payment platform. mPay was recognized as one of the seven most innovative service providers in the world at the 2008 GSMA Congress in Barcelona. It was the first company in Poland to obtain NBP President’s approval for settling payments using mobile telephones. mPay is a subsidiary of ATM S.A. group.

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