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mPay wins new partners and becomes available for all mobile operators

People in more cities in Poland can now pay for parking via their mobiles. In addition to Warsaw, the service was expanded to include £ód¼, Ostrów Wielkopolski and Tarnów. mPay is now available to subscribers of all mobile networks (Plus, Play, Orange and Era).

More towns enable people to pay for parking via mPay

The inhabitants of Warsaw are no longer the only ones who can benefit from the advantages offered by paying for parking via their mobiles. £ód¼, Ostrów Wielkopolski and Tarnów have enabled their inhabitants to quickly and easily pay for parking in this manner. They only pay for the actual duration of parking based on exact rates applied in a given city.

We have also prepared a new offer for businesses with a company car fleet, which makes managing and settling parking costs much easier. A company using mPay is given a sub-account and online access to the application. The system enables managing parking limits, and controlling and settling costs without the need to collect parking tickets. The system helps reduce costs as settlements are based on a single report rather than a large number of tickets.

Public transport tickets available at any time

For the past several months, Warsaw inhabitants have been able to buy public transport tickets at any time and in any place via mobile. In addition to comfort, time tickets paid for via mPay are cheaper than in the case of standard payment methods. Time tickets also allow one to take any bus, street car or underground.

mPay available in more than 1,600 sales and service outlets

mPay is primarily a new mobile payment standard available on the market, with a variety of application areas including retail, service, culture or entertainment. Examples include the S³owacki Theatre in Cracow — the first theatre in Poland to offer payment for tickets via mPay.

This quarter, mPay is expected to cover several more cities with its services of paying for parking and public transport tickets.

Available from all mobile operators

mPay mobile payments are available to subscribers of all mobile networks since March. No additional applications are required. The service is available with any telephone model. All you need to do is activate and credit your mPay account; then you can pay for goods and services using voice (in all networks) or text channels (Plus and Play).

The account is activated on one-off basis. A transaction made via mobile takes only a few seconds.

There is no way back. Do not forget your mobile when you leave home – you will need it!


mPay S.A. has developed an innovative technology making financial transactions via mobile possible. The company operates as a billing agent providing telcos and banks with a flexible mobile payment platform. mPay was recognized as one of the seven most innovative service providers in the world at the 2008 GSMA Congress in Barcelona. It was the first company in Poland to obtain NBP President’s approval for settling payments using mobile telephones. mPay is a subsidiary of ATM S.A. group.

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