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ATM S.A. completes deployment of the MobileStreaming platform for the Play network

Under a contract with P4 Sp. z o.o., the operator of the Play mobile network, ATM S.A. has completed deployment of the MobileStreaming platform which enables using the multimedia website “Oglądaj” available from the wap.playmobile.pl portal.

Under the contract, ATM S.A. has delivered ATM MobileStreaming, a proprietary, full-featured platform supporting VoD (video on demand) content archiving, VoD, semi-live, and live content management, and transmission of all those contents to mobile phones.

The MobileStreaming platform deployed in the Play network automatically adjusts the picture quality to the end device and the picture to the network conditions, supporting full integration with the operator’s external systems, such as the billing system and the multimedia service content management platform. At the very beginning of the project, performance tests were conducted, particularly of the automatic content adaptation, which is of key importance for successful development of the multimedia platform for Play customers.

“We are very happy that the Play network operator, which has been delivering innovative multimedia services and products to its customers for a long time, chose our proprietary solution,” said Andrzej Molski, director of the Business Solutions Branch, ATM S.A. “It is a big success which demonstrates that our unique proprietary products have already started to bring the first commercial effects. It should be noted that before the supplier selection, mobile solutions were submitted for performance tests also by international manufacturers.”

The MobileStreaming platform developed and deployed by ATM S.A. for the “Oglądaj” multimedia website available from the wap.playmobile.pl portal enables the users to view video clips, movies, animations, and celebrity gossip. The site features a ranking list of the most popular movies and a list of available categories. Users of the Play network can easily select a movie to be opened in the multimedia player of a mobile phone (with video streaming support).

The “Oglądaj” site is available to all subscribers and users of the Play network. The service is provided as standard and does not require any additional activation. It is accessible in the whole coverage area of the Play 3G network, in more than 300 cities and towns throughout Poland. Only a fee for the viewing time is charged. Movies are available from the “Oglądaj” site at prices starting from below PLN 1.00 per movie (PLN 0.50 per minute). No additional fee for data transmission is charged. The network plans to expand the website by adding thematic channels and movie packets.

The contract between ATM S.A. and P4 Sp. z o.o. covers deployment, integration, and technical support for 3 years.

ATM S.A. is an ICT (information and communications technology) company quoted at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It offers hi-tech services and solutions which address the needs of even the most demanding customers. The company also provides communications services under the ATMAN brand, based on its own data transmission network, and has developed an Internet television platform, ATM iTV, which enables fast deployment of a multimedia channel. The company represents a unique combination of competencies in communications and integration services with a high level of engineering expertise. ATM S.A. is a reliable and stable business partner which boldly invests in innovative technologies.
For more information on ATM S.A. and its services, visit www.atm.com.pl.

Play is one of the most dynamically growing mobile operators with the largest fast-Internet 3G network in Poland. The operator has been present on the market since 2007. It has more than 2 million customers and plans to increase that number by another million until the end of 2009. Play is the first operator in Poland to focus on multimedia and 3G services. It sells its services in more than 650 showrooms throughout the country. The Play offer has been recognized by UKE (Electronic Communications Office) for the second consecutive year as the most competitive one on the market. According to analysts, Play Online, the company’s mobile Internet offer, is the most competitive one in Europe.
For more information about Play, visit www.playmobile.pl.

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