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Live Internet transmission of the TV Biznes channel using the ATM InternetTV platform

Under a contract signed with the TV Biznes channel, ATM S.A. launched live transmission of the channel through the Internet, using the Flash/H.264 standard.

The high-quality TV transmission service is available from the www.tvbiznes.pl page free of charge and is hardware platform-independent. It is yet another commercial deployment of ATM’s proprietary solutions in the area of multimedia and video content distribution through the Internet.

ATM S.A. has supplied ATM InternetTV, a proprietary platform fully supporting compression, distribution, and live publication of video contents produced by TV Biznes.

The deployed platform includes the ATM LiveEncoder software which receives and compresses the TV Biznes signal, which is then distributed to the users of the www.tvbiznes.pl site and published by ATM WebPlayer, a player embedded on the site. It means that to view the channel through the Internet, the user does not need to install any application, as it is sufficient to only have an Internet-enabled computer with any Web browser.

“Now all our viewers have unlimited access to our contents distributed live, directly on our channel’s webpages,” said Włodzimierz Niklasiewicz, director for broadcasting and technology, TV Biznes. “We selected ATM InternetTV due to the high quality of the published contents, competitive price, and end-to-end service.”

ATM S.A. is an ICT company offering a range of solutions for effective implementation of innovative multimedia projects. The ATM InternetTV supports content management, storage, and distribution. It also supports the whole process of publishing multimedia in the Internet, including uploading, transcoding, content annotating, sales, and viewing-report generation. It concerns both VoD (video on demand) materials and live contents.“We successfully win new business partners who are interested in distribution of video contents in the Internet and select proprietary solutions from ATM S.A.,” said Andrzej Molski, director of the Business Solutions Branch, ATM S.A. For more information about ATM multimedia solutions, visit www.atmitv.pl.

ATM S.A. is an ICT company quoted at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It offers hi-tech services and solutions which address the needs of even the most demanding customers. The company also provides communications services under the ATMAN brand, based on its own data transmission network, and has developed an Internet television platform, ATM iTV, which enables fast deployment of a multimedia channel.
For more information on ATM S.A. and its services, visit www.atm.com.pl.

TV Biznes is the first Polish TV channel focused on news and business. The main features of the channel are news bulletins broadcast every half an hour starting from 7 a.m., business news bulletins, and stock-exchange quotes. Magazine-type programs are also an important component of the channel. TV Biznes is addressed to the SMB sector and individual viewers interested in current market information. TV Biznes is available to ca. 35% households throughout Poland, mostly via digital platforms and most cable networks. Since February 2007, TV Biznes belongs to the Polsat Group.
For more information about TV Biznes, visit www.tvbiznes.pl.

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