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mPay in more cities

The mPay company consistently increases the scope of its services and wins new partners. The services are available in Warsaw, ŁódĽ, Ostrów Wielkopolski, Tarnów, and - since today - Krakow. Within a month, mPay will also launch a system for collecting parking fees in Bydgoszcz and Krosno. The mPay mobile payment service is available to customers of major mobile networks (Plus, Orange, Era, and Play).

Krakow launches an innovative service of mobile payments for parking

Until recently, Krakow citizens had to pay parking fees by cash or special electronic card, but now they can also do it via a mobile phone. The modern mPay payment system was deployed in Krakow at the same time as new parking meters, as an additional way of paying parking fees. The user does not need to have an exact amount in coins or top up the card. In contrast to the previous payment methods, the new one does not require the user to predict the parking time.

“I’m happy that citizens of more cities can now pay for parking by a mobile phone, because this method is convenient and simple. The driver can start charging the fee or prolong the parking time from any place, without looking for a ticket booth or parking meter,” said Konrad Łuczak, president, mPay S.A. “I’m sure that Krakow, a thriving university city, fully understands the importance of innovations and modern technologies in our everyday life. Therefore I expect that Krakow will support the development of mobile payments. Parking fees are not the only example of using a phone instead of cash.”

“We are expanding the parking meter system by launching the mobile payment method which is already a standard in European cities,” said Wiesław Starowicz, Deputy Mayor of Krakow. “We are happy that the mPay system has been deployed and I encourage the company to talk to us about payments for public transport tickets. The offer has already been made. If the citizens take to mobile payments for parking, we are going to launch a similar service for public transport tickets.”

The mPay system is already available in 7 Polish cities

During the last few months, the mPay system, enabling citizens to pay the parking fees via a mobile phone, was extended to seven cities: Warsaw, Krakow, ŁódĽ, Ostrów Wielkopolski, Tarnów, Bydgoszcz, and Krosno. These cities keep up with the changing world and appreciate the benefits of mobile payments.

“We are in an advanced phase of talks with authorities in next cities interested in deploying the innovative mobile payment system,” said Konrad Łuczak, president, mPay S.A. “We do not limit the talks to payments for parking or public transport, because our mobile payment system has a wide range of applications which become more and more popular. The currently considered applications include marketplace fees and revenue stamps.

Benefits of the mPay parking-fee mobile payment system:

  • user friendliness: to start charging the parking fee, the user only has to enter the parking zone number to the mobile phone and confirm the payment by entering the PIN
  • convenience: the user does not need to have coins and waste time looking for a parking meter
  • universal accessibility: the service may be activated from any mobile phone, without installing any application
  • security: the mPay system ensures the highest level of security of the processed transactions.

Payment of the parking fee is in no way restricted by the user’s current location. The driver can pay the fee from any place. An additional benefit is that the fee is charged only for the actual parking time and exactly at the rates in force in the given city.

Paying for parking or public transport in selected cities are not the only example of using a mobile phone instead of a wallet. The mPay system also supports online shopping, with one of the most secure methods of cashless payments, as the payment order and all transaction data are transmitted through the GSM network rather than through the Internet.

mPay S.A. has developed an innovative technology which enables making financial transactions via a mobile phone. The company operates as a billing agent providing telecommunications providers and banks with a universal mobile payment platform. mPay was recognized as one of the seven most innovative service providers in the world at the 2008 GSMA Congress in Barcelona. It was the first company in Poland to obtain an approval of the National Bank of Poland for settling payments using mobile telephones. mPay is a subsidiary of the ATM S.A. group of companies. For more information, visit www.mpay.pl.

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