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Record-breaking first half-year in ATM S.A.

ATM S.A. has published consolidated reports for first half-year of 2009. Consolidated sales revenue were 146 million zlotys and sales margin was 54,2 million zlotys. Comparing to the same period of 2008 the financial results increased respectively: sales revenue by 54% and sales margin by 34%.

Very good operations results in first two quarters of 2009 brought to achieve 4,1 million zlotys of consolidated net profit which increased by 133% comparing to the first half-year of 2008.

Consolidated operating profit in 1H2009 was 9,9 million zlotys considering 2,5 million loss in 1H2008. The operating profit of the dominant company was 13 million zlotys comparing to 800 thousand loss in the previous year.

According to earlier announcements of The Management Board of ATM S.A. financial results of 2Q2009 (unit and consolidated) were free of significant financial costs in comparison to 1Q2009 when the company suffered financial loss due to the closure of currency positions connected with the payments for goods delivered at the end of 2008.

The very good financial results of 1H2009 were achieved in traditionally worse part of the year and disadvantageous macroeconomic environment (recession in ICT investments).

Great significance for financial results had telecommunications business activity that brought 8.4 million of operating profit and 85% of total consolidated operating profit in this period. Constantly extended telecommunications infrastructure is a basis for providing the services which even during the recession meet growing interest among the customers. According to The Management Board of ATM S.A. the observed profit growth is to be assumed not as a one-off but as a trend earned by the well-thought-out investment policy.

In spite of historical sales seasonality in first quarter of the year for integration services, the company successfully realized sales plans and achieved better financial results in 1H2009 then in 1H2008. Especially resistent to tides of the market were authorial company's solutions using its know-how of business applications.

In ICT systems integration ATM S.A. achieved in 1H2009 98.6 million zlotys of consolidated revenue and over 27.4 million of the sales margin thus gaining respectively 65% and 35% comparing to the first half-year of 2008.

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