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ATM S.A. doubles the collocation area to provide its telecommunications services

ATM S.A. that offers telecommunications services for enterprises and institutions launches Telehouse.Poland - a new data center. In this way the company doubles the area available for collocation and hosting.

At present ATM S.A. finalizes first bookings of collocation space and begins actively  sell telecommunications services in the new building located in the business center of Warsaw. First revenue from the new data center are expected in 2009.

ATM S.A. — one of the leading deliverer of broadband data transmission offering Internet access, collocation and hosting — has until now been providing telecommunications services mainly within ATMAN-Grochowska Data Center which after the last development has over 1500 m sq. of the collocation area.

Telehouse.Poland prepared by ICT company ATM S.A. is a new data center of more than 3500 m sq. of space. The building was designed for the purposes of collocation and telecommunications services in a way that assures future development in the coming years. The location of the new server room in the very business center of Warsaw and away of the ATM S.A. premises gives perfect telecommunications possibilities as the one of the most attractive and demanded server rooms in Poland.

“We already have the first space bookings in our new data center. The first customers will install their equipment in Telehouse.Poland in the fourth quarter of 2009”, said Maciej Krzyżanowski, Vice-President and COO of ATM S.A. “The crucial element of this investment is the fact that the process of launching further collocation areas within the new building is extended in time which means that most of our expenses is defrayed by sales orders already placed by our customers”, added Maciej Krzyżanowski.

Among the customers of ATM S.A. there are mainly telecommunications carriers, financial institutions, regular media, internet portals, industry and trade enterprises. Company owned and constantly developed telecommunications infrastructure becomes more and more attractive to the clients of ATM S.A. In the first quarter of this year the company achieved over 45 million zlotys of revenue and 8,4 million of operating profit from the telecommunications thus noting the increase respectively by 35% of revenue and 263% of operating profit comparing to the same period of 2008.

“By doubling the available data center space we can extend our sales offer which will result in the increase of revenues from collocation services”, said Tadeusz Czichon, Vice-President and CFO of ATM S.A. “First revenues from the services provided in the new building are expected even in 2009”, added Tadeusz Czichon.

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