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ATM S.A. plays with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity again

ATM S.A., providing telecommunications services for companies and institutions under the ATMAN brand, again supported the charity activities of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (GOCC). Like in the previous years, ATM backed up the XVIII Final of GOCC providing collocation, Internet access and back-up office services.

“The Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity has for many years been the biggest event of that kind in our country as well in real life as on the Internet, which attracts millions of Poles. It is indeed a challenge to serve Internet traffic generated by such a number of internauts, and also responsibility, considering the noble aim,” said Maciej Klepacki, Head of Marketing & Investor Relations in ATM S.A. “With a great pleasure I can state that our efforts to support Internet activities of GOCC were conducted ably and without any disturbances,” added Maciej Klepacki.

The cooperation of ATM S.A. and the GOCC Foundation is a long term project including the support in terms of telecommunications services as well during the January Finals as with the current works of the Foundation all through the year.


ATM S.A. is a public company operating in the information and communication technology industry, quoted at  the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Under the brand of ATMAN the company provides for enterprises and other institutions telecommunications services based on its own fiber networks and data centres. Prime elements of ATM’s offer include: Internet access, broadband data transmission, collocation and hosting. The company provides telephony services and telecommunications outsourcing. Major consumers of the services are carriers, traditional media, Internet portals and enterprises from finance, manufacturing and retail market sectors.
Since 2006 ATM S.A. has successfully built its capital group that now consists of ten companies from Poland and abroad. The subsidiaries complete ATM S.A. telecommunications competencies in two main areas: integration of ICT systems and software applications production and implementation.
More information at: www.atm.com.pl.

The Foundation of Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is a public benefit organization. The goal of the Foundation is to work in the field of health protection by saving patients’ and especially young patients’ life and supporting their treatment. Additionally, the Foundation promotes health and medical prevention. The goals are realized by the annual January Final’s money collections destined to purchase medical equipment for Polish hospitals and to conduct four country-wide medical programs and one education program. More information at www.wosp.org.pl.

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