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ATMAN - leading supplier of telecommunications services for the media

ATMAN, the countrywide telecommunications operator belonging to ATM S.A., has concluded further contracts in the media and content production branch. The new agreements concern the delivery of a dedicated digital signal supply service through the ATMAN broadband data transmission network.

The video data transmission between a television broadcaster and a digital platform through the optical fiber infrastructure of the ATMAN network is an alternative to the traditional satellite signal transmission method. Benefits resulting from employing the solution offered by ATMAN lie not only in the optimization of transmission costs, but first and foremost in the increased signal quality and data transmission stability from broadcasters to digital platforms. The improved parameters of the transmitted signal can also positively influence the television channel reception quality for the end user.

Among ATMAN's customers who have already used this digital signal delivery method are the biggest Polish broadcasters, e.g. Telewizja Polska (Polish Public Television), TVN, Cyfra+, MTV and Kino Polska.

With the newly concluded contracts, AXN (a channel of Sony Pictures Television network) and Fox International Channels Poland have also joined the group of ATMAN customers, whose television channels are currently being transmitted through the ATMAN network to the digital broadcast platforms in Poland.

Multimedia content producers have also shown interest in the media-dedicated offer. The telecommunications operator belonging to ATM S.A. will deliver the digital television signal of the Endemol Polska television program producer to one of the leading national television broadcasters.

For more information on the telecommunications offer, see en.atman.pl.

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