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mPay introduces a mobile fare payment service in Krakow

Passengers using public transport in Krakow will be able to pay the fare through their mobile phones, thanks to an agreement between the local public transport authority and mPay S.A. The parking-fee payment service is already available in the city since July 2009.

mPay consistently increases the scope of its services and wins more new partners. At present, mobile payment services provided by mPay can be used by almost 4 million inhabitants of such cities as Warsaw, Krakow, Lublin, Łódź, Ostrów Wielkopolski, Bydgoszcz, Kielce, Nysa, Grudziądz, Krosno and Świnoujście. The mPay system in Krakow enables the passengers to purchase all existing types of single-ride and multiple-ride tickets. The price of tickets purchased through a mobile phone is the same as of traditional tickets.

The system has more than 200 thousand registered users, and is the longest-operated and most popular commercial mobile payment system on the Polish market.

“Krakow is a modern city and a showpiece of our country. We are very satisfied to be able to contribute to the innovative image of the city”, said Konrad Łuczak, President, mPay S.A.

”Pay with your mobile” is a widely available system managed by mPay platform, enabling payments by mobile phone for pre-paid card top-ups, parking charges in 10 Polish cities and public transport tickets in Warsaw, Lublin, and now also in Krakow (since December this year). It also allows for paying in online stores and effecting person-to-person money transfers. For almost two years, mPay has been contributing to the efforts of the major mobile telephony operators, aimed to launch a commercial mobile-payment system. The mobile-payment system is supported from the very beginning by the Plus mobile network. Recently, the four largest operators (Plus, Era, Orange, and Play) signed an agreement under which all of them will use the trade name and trademark Płać komórką (Pay with your mobile), a brand created, promoted, and so far exclusively owned by Polkomtel S.A., the operator of the Plus network.

“While creating the Płać komórką brand, from the very beginning, we wanted to develop a mobile payment standard”, said Wojciech Ożdżeński, Managing Director, Polkomtel S.A.

mPay S.A. has developed an innovative technology making financial transactions via mobile possible. The company operates as a billing agent providing telcos and banks with a flexible mobile payment platform. mPay was recognized as one of the ten most innovative service providers in the world at the 2008 GSMA Congress in Barcelona. It was the first company in Poland to obtain an approval of the National Bank of Poland for settling payments using mobile telephones. mPay is a subsidiary of the ATM Capital Group. For more information, visit www.mpay.pl.

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