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ATM S.A. achieves over PLN 246 million in revenues and a net profit of PLN 15.7 million in the first three quarters

ATM S.A. announced its consolidated financial statement for the third quarter of 2010. The revenues from sales in the period were PLN 77.2 million, the operating profit was PLN 11.2 million, and the net profit was over PLN 4.3 million. Compared to the corresponding periods of the last year, the revenues increased by 28%, the operating profit by 924%, and the net profit by 212%. It was a yet another very good quarter for ATM S.A. in a row. In the first three quarters of 2010, the total revenues amounted to PLN 246.8 million, operating profit to PLN 23.1 million, and net profit to 15.7 million. Those results promise very good results in the whole year 2010.

The ATM S.A. capital group is successfully implementing its 2010 plans for the two core segments of its operations (telecommunications and ICT system integration). Each of those segments generates about a half of the operating profit. Thanks to the stable fixed costs, any increase of the margin from sales translates into a significant increase of the operating profits. Therefore, each segment generates significant profits in every quarter.


In the first three quarters of 2010, the ATM capital group achieved from this segment PLN 76 million of revenues from sales (an increase by 13%), PLN 48 million of margin on sales (an increase by 23%), and PLN 12 million of operating profit (an increase by 11%).

As regards telecommunications services provided under the ATMAN brand, it is worth noting that the revenues generated by the newly launched Telehouse.Poland data center have increased. The first stage of the Telehouse.Poland investment has been already contracted in full, and now server space is being prepared for next customers. Also, the construction of the first building under the ATM IC project has commenced.

ICT system integration

In the first three quarters of the year, the Group achieved from this segment PLN 187 million of revenues from sales (an increase by 40%), PLN 45 million of margin on sales (an increase by 17%), and PLN 12 million of operating profit (an increase by 295%). The results from the segment in 2010 also show that this line of business may be profitable even in the difficult first three quarters of the year.

The largest contract in ATM’s history, namely building the country-wide IT network supporting the 112 emergency number, is being implemented according to the schedule. To the extent of network building, the contract is implemented by ATM Systemy Informatyczne (ATM SI). Outside the public sector, ATM SI successfully increases the sales of its integration services on the key market of telecommunications providers.

Very good perspectives for the whole year 2010

The 3rd quarter was for the ATM S.A. capital group a next successive good quarter, with PLN 246.8 million of revenues from sales, PLN 23.1 million of operating profit, and PLN 15.7 million of net profit year-to-date. Compared to the corresponding period of 2009, the revenues increased by 20%, the operating profit by 111%, and the net profit by 188%.

“The Management Board assesses the results as very good, and believes that the plans for 2010 are being implemented successfully. We are particularly happy with the parallel growth of the two core lines of our business, i.e. telecommunications services provided by the parent company, and ICT system integration services provided by the remaining companies”, said Roman Szwed, President, ATM S.A. “In the nearest future, we are going to merge our two largest integration companies, ATM SI and KLK. The results of the three quarters show that the new company will be one of the largest Polish system integrators specialized in technologically advanced ICT projects”, added Szwed.

Consolidated results of the ATM S.A. Capital Group for Q3 2010

(PLN thousand)

Q3 2010

Q3 2009

change (%)

Revenues from sales




Margin on sales*




Operating profit




Net profit




Consolidated results of the ATM S.A. Capital Group for Q1-Q3 2010

(PLN thousand)

Q1-Q3 2010

Q1-Q3 2009

change (%)

Revenues from sales




Margin on sales*




Operating profit




Net profit




* Margin on sales = revenues from sales minus variable costs of sales.

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