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ATMAN wins contracts for almost PLN 10M and has high hopes of implementing LTE in Poland

Near the end of the previous year, ATMAN, a telecommunications operator belonging to the stock-exchange quoted company ATM S.A., signed major contracts for optical networks and telecommunications services, with a total value of almost PLN 10 million. The company operates data centers and optical metro networks (which are among the largest in Poland), and now has high hopes of developing LTE and popularizing it among the company’s customers.

The most important contracts concluded near the end of 2010 by ATM S.A. on the telecommunications operator market include a contract with an operator quoted at the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and a contract with a company belonging to one of the largest media & telecommunications groups in Poland. The contracts are already being implemented, and the first solutions for optical carrier networks, worth over PLN 3.6M, were delivered already in 2010. At the next stages, planned for 2011, ATMAN will deliver to those customers optical infrastructure worth ca. PLN 6M.

“The services we provide are a component of one of the most interesting telecommunications projects implemented in Poland in recent years. We are happy that ATMAN has a strong position on the professional carrier services market,” said Maciej Krzyżanowski, vice-president for operations, ATM S.A. “We specialize in providing high-bitrate data-transmission and Internet solutions. Recently, we have been seeing increased interest of other operators in ATMAN optical networks, for example in connection with LTE implementation”, added Krzyżanowski.

Increase in the traffic generated by Polish Internet users

ATM S.A. predicts that using the new 4G/LTE (Long Term Evolution) technologies by telecommunications operators will result in a significant increase in traffic generated by Polish Internet users, and that increased activity of the users will result in a higher demand for bandwidth from companies whose business is based on the Internet. ATMAN provides Internet access and data transmission services also to such companies.

At the same time, telecommunications operators adopting LTE will have to deploy a very large number of base stations to support the new technology. As LTE offers high bitrates to Internet subscribers, the base stations will have to be connected to backbone networks by high-throughput lines. It may turn out that the capability to increase line throughput in the years to come will be the key determinant of fast deployment and development of LTE in our country. ATM believes that the fiber-optic technology is the only one which can provide both high bitrates and sufficient flexibility to enable growth.

“We have high hopes of new technology implementations by leading Polish telecommunications operators, also to the extent of the emerging LTE technology. Please remember that ATMAN has some of the largest optical metro networks in Poland, also in cities where building new dedicated optical networks (e.g., for the purpose of LTE) would be now very time-consuming and expensive,” said Maciej Krzyżanowski, vice-president, ATM S.A.

For more information about the ATMAN operator and network, visit www.atman.pl.

ATM S.A. is a public company operating in the information and communication technology industry, quoted at  the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Under the ATMAN brand the company provides for enterprises and other institutions telecommunications services based on its own fiber networks and data centers. Prime elements of ATM’s offer include: Internet access, broadband data transmission, colocation and hosting. The company provides telephony services and telecommunications outsourcing. Major consumers of the services are carriers, traditional media, Internet portals and enterprises from finance, manufacturing and retail market sectors.
The other companies of ATM S.A. capital group provide mainly services of ICT system integration and  specialize in designing and building data transmission networks combined with network monitoring and management systems, building data centers and complex information systems, development and implementation of application software.
More information at: www.atm.com.pl.

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