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Very good results of ATM S.A. in 2010: revenues of PLN 402M, net profit of 21M

ATM S.A. announced its consolidated financial statement for the Q4 of 2010. The period was very successful both in the area of telecommunications (under the ATMAN and Telehouse.Poland brands), and in the area of ICT system integration. The consolidated revenues YTD are PLN 402 million, and net profit YTD is PLN 21 million. Due to very good results, the Management Board will recommend allocating a part of the profit from the last year to dividend.

In Q4 of 2010, ATM achieved very good results with significant growths year to year. The consolidated sales were over PLN 155M, and the operating profit was PLN 10.36M, which means a YTY growth by a factor of 2.

The good results of Q4 continue the successes of the previous quarters of 2010. In 2010, the ATM capital group achieved record-breaking sales of PLN 402M. The profit from operations was also extraordinary at over PLN 33M, almost 2 times higher than in 2009. The yearly net profit increased by 117% YTY, and exceeded PLN 21M. The good results of 2010 are particularly satisfactory in the context of the general economic situation in the IT sector, which was not good in the previous year, and only in 2011 it seems promising.

“The particularly good results of 2010 enable us to recommend the General Assembly to allocate a part of the profit from the previous year for dividend payment. According to the dividend policy, it should be PLN 0.23 per share, which gives the total dividend value of PLN 8,358,969.12,” said Tadeusz Czichon, vice-president of ATM S.A. “However, if the situation on the financial markets worsens, and if it becomes difficult to obtain financing for investments, this decision may be changed, and the entire profit from 2010 may be allocated to reserve capital of the Company,” explained Czichon.

Consolidated financial results of ATM S.A.

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Sales revenue




Operating profit




Net profit








Leading position on the Polish market of colocation and hosting

In the whole year of 2010, ATM S.A. achieved over PLN 116M of revenue from telecommunications operations, and PLN 15.97M of operating profit (compared to PLN 90.37M and PLN 13.98M, respectively, in 2009). Thus, the telecommunications operator belonging to ATM is one of the largest provider of business telecommunications services in Poland.

Particularly worth noting is the 37% increase in the number of customers of ATM data centers, resulting in a 36% increase in revenue from colocation and hosting. This success was possible thanks to the efficient policy of investments in building and equipping data centers, as well as thanks to service sales in Telehouse.Poland, which were following the assumed schedule. In Q4 2010, the construction of the new server building F3 in the ATMAN-Grochowska campus started (as part of the ATM Innovation Center project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Innovative Economy Operational Programme 2007-2013). The facility will be one of the most modern server buildings. It will have a space of more than 2,200 m2 (gross) to be equipped gradually for new customers. Also, new modules of the Telehouse.Poland data center are planned to be commissioned in 2011.

As a result of the investments planned for this year, ATM S.A. will increase its resources in server rooms to 8,100 m2 gross, i.e. by more than 150% compared to the current space. Also as a result of that development, ATM will become the undisputable leader of the Polish market of colocation and hosting services, as well as one of the largest enterprises in CEE.

Very good Q4 and the whole year 2010 in the integration business

2010 was a breakthrough year for the ICT system integration business. For the first time in ATM history, that segment was bringing stable, high revenues and profits in all quarters of the year, generating 78% of total sales and, more importantly, 57% of the consolidated operating profit (over PLN 19M). Undoubtedly, the results were boosted by the largest contract implemented by ATM Systemy Informatyczne, i.e. OST 112, but other ATM companies were also doing well implementing smaller contracts.

Q4 results were not much different from those in previous quarters. Q4 revenues increased 2 times YTY, and the operating profit increased by 88%. In the whole year, the integration business brought record-breaking sales of PLN 312M, improving by 63% over the previous year. The operating profit increased almost by a factor of 3.
83% of the revenues from the integration business were attributable to two largest companies: ATM SI and KLK. Also, inONE and Sputnik Software brought in total PLN 3M of profit.

The largest integration contract implemented in 2010 was the OST 112 project (building a nation-wide network for supporting the unified emergency number 112). The integration part of the project is implemented by ATM SI. The implementation period is 2010-2011, and the project stays on schedule.


ATM S.A. is a public company operating in the information and communication technology industry, quoted at  the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Under the ATMAN brand the company provides for enterprises and other institutions telecommunications services based on its own fiber networks and data centers. Prime elements of ATM’s offer include: Internet access, broadband data transmission, colocation and hosting. The company provides telephony services and telecommunications outsourcing. Major consumers of the services are carriers, traditional media, Internet portals and enterprises from finance, manufacturing and retail market sectors.
The other companies of ATM S.A. capital group provide mainly services of ICT system integration and  specialize in designing and building data transmission networks combined with network monitoring and management systems, building data centers and complex information systems, development and implementation of application software.
More information at: www.atm.com.pl.

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