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In the first three quarters of the year, ATM S.A. achieved revenue of over PLN 271 million and net profit of PLN 13.3 million

ATM S.A. published consolidated financial statements for the third quarter of 2011. In that period, sales revenue amounted to almost PLN 102 million, which is a new record for Q1-Q3. Sales margin of PLN 33.7 million also constituted one of the best results in the company’s history. Nevertheless, growing operating and financial costs did not allow the company to achieve satisfying profit, which was lower than last year. Cumulatively, after the three quarters of the year, the ATM capital group failed to exceed the very good result of the first three quarters of 2010. In that period, the company earned sales revenue of over PLN 271 million (10% increase as compared to the previous year), sales margin of PLN 99.1 million (8% increase) and operating profit of over PLN 22.6 million (2% decrease). Consolidated net profit in that period amounted to PLN 13.3 million and was lower by 15% than net profit in the corresponding period of the previous year.

Telecommunications and value-added services

After three quarters of 2011, in the segment of telecommunications services, ATM S.A. achieved sales revenue of PLN 102.6 million (35% increase y/y), operating profit of PLN 12.8 million (4% increase y/y) and EBITDA profit of PLN 27.3 million (9% increase y/y).

The third quarter brought record results in the sale of colocation and hosting services, which, similarly to previous periods, were the main driving force behind the growth in the area of telecommunications services. Within those services, ATM achieved a 53% increase in sales revenue and recorded a 36% increase in the number of customers of its data centres as compared to the corresponding period of 2010.

As a result of putting another server room into operation in the extended ATMAN Data Centre, further improvement of operating profitability and an increase of profits are expected in the following quarters.

ICT systems integration

After three quarters of 2011, in the segment of ICT systems integration, companies from the ATM capital group achieved consolidated sales revenue of PLN 177.9 million, sales margin of PLN 46.4 million and operating profit of PLN 10.7 million; the results were slightly worse than in the first three quarters of the previous year.

The biggest integration contract implemented in the third quarter of 2011 was the continued development of the Nationwide ICT Network for the purposes of operating the emergency number 112 (OST 112). This project is implemented by ATM Systemy Informatyczne S.A. (ATM SI) in the area of integration.

Apart from carrying out contracts in the public sector, in the third quarter of 2011, ATM Systemy Informatyczne increased sales of its integration services on the market of ICT operators, which is of key importance to the company. The company concluded a contract i.a. with one of the leading mobile telephony operators for the implementation of a data transmission management system based on the original ATM SI application SMaCS (Service Management and Charging System), dedicated to the management of services in IP networks.

Mobile payments

In the previous quarter, the company mPay S.A. carried out a private issue of shares, acquiring PLN 2.4 million from investors for further development. Since 24 October 2011, shares in mPay S.A. have been listed on the NewConnect market. Financial results of the company after 3 quarters of 2011 are similar to results achieved in the previous year.

Consolidated results of the ATM S.A. capital group in Q1-Q3 2011

[figures in PLN thousand] Q1–Q3 2011 Q1–Q3 2010 change %
Sales revenue 271,283 246,800 10%
Sales margin* 99,130 91,392 8%
Operating profit 22,591 23,103 -2%
Net profit 13,288 15,682


* sales margin = sales revenue less variable selling costs


ATM S.A. is a public company operating in the information and communication technology industry, quoted at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Under the ATMAN brand the company provides for enterprises and other institutions telecommunications services based on its own fiber networks and data centers. Prime elements of ATM’s offer include: Internet access, broadband data transmission, colocation and hosting. The company provides telephony services and telecommunications outsourcing. Major consumers of the services are carriers, traditional media, Internet portals and enterprises from finance, manufacturing and retail market sectors.
The other companies of ATM S.A. capital group provide mainly services of ICT system integration and specialize in designing and building data transmission networks combined with network monitoring and management systems, building data centers and complex information systems, development and implementation of application software.
More information at: www.atm.com.pl.

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