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ATMAN ready for IPv6 World Launch

ATM S.A., the operator of ATMAN nation-wide fiber network, has announced the readiness of its telecommunications infrastructure to support IPv6 (Internet Protocol v6), i.e. the mechanism of transferring data packets in the Internet which increases the number of IP addresses, improves efficiency and security of data transmission. On June 6th 2012, the leading carriers, ICT companies and portals plan to announce their IPv6 readiness.

ATM S.A. has recently completed the modernization of its ATMAN backbone so the infrastructure is prepared to transfer the data via IPv6. The ATMAN network, which provides services for most of Polish carriers and plenty of international ones, already exchanges IPv6 traffic in the largest European telco hubs: DE-CIX in Frankfurt, AMS-IX in Amsterdam and LINX in London as well as in Polish nodes: Thinx IX, PLIX, TPIX and KIX.

ATM has established over 400 connections supporting IPv6 to other Polish and international carriers accelerating the transfer and shortening the routing paths. ATM has also launched IPv6 services like DNS for its customers. The companys websites www.atman.pl and www.thinx.pl can be reached from computers using IPv6 addresses.

According to Polish IPv6 Task Force the initiative of participants interested in the development of IPv6 in Poland IPv4 addresses will probably run out by the end of 2012. Therefore the prior preparation of ATMAN infrastructure to support new IP addresses allowed to conduct the necessary tests and technical checks to achieve full readiness for IPv6 World Launch.

"ATMAN is the largest IPv6 network in Poland as measured by the number of networks connected. It is also the largest Polish IPv6 network as measured by the number of routes announced," said Chris Van Fossen of Hurricane Electric, international operator of the worlds largest IPv6 backbone network.

In January 2012, an independent organization Internet Society announced that June 6th will be the World Launch of IPv6. Participation in the project has been confirmed by leading Internet portals, Internet searches, ICT companies and carriers including ATM S.A. More information on the IPv6 launch can be found at http://www.worldipv6launch.org/.

ATM S.A. is a Polish public company (WSE: ATM) providing innovative ICT solutions for business since 1991. Under the brands of ATMAN and Thinx Poland the company offers telecommunications services based on its own fiber networks and three data centers in Poland, with over 8,300 sq m (ca. 89,300 sq feet) of state-of-the-art colocation space. Key elements of ATMs offer include: colocation and hosting, broadband data transmission and Internet access. In particular, carriers, Internet portals, traditional media and financial institutions may be found among the receivers of ATM services.
The company is the only Polish operator present in all three of Europe's largest interconnect nodes: AMS-IX Amsterdam, DE-CIX Frankfurt and LINX London.
More information at www.atman.pl and www.thinx.pl.

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