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ATM expands power supply system for Thinx Poland Data Center

ATM S.A., Poland's largest data center operator offering its services under the brands of ATMAN and Thinx Poland, has completed the expansion of the power supply system of one of its three colocation facilities. With this investment, Thinx Poland Data Center will now feature guaranteed power supply of up to as much as 16 MW.

The expansion of the power supply system for Thinx Poland Data Center consisted in implementation of dedicated 15,000 V MV lines and new transformer substations. All the work has been carried out successfully with no impact on the operation of devices dedicated to customers using the services of Thinx Poland Data Center.

In order to further secure uninterrupted operation of the power supply systems, ATM expanded the installation located in that data center with another 2,200 kVA power generator, thus doubling the output of power generators to 4,400 kVA. Over the following weeks, the UPS system will also be expanded.

Thinx Poland a facility with surface area of 3,700 square meters, located in Warsaw is a neutral, in terms of telecommunication, data center, providing the possibility to connect to multiple operators. Thinx Poland is also the main node for IP traffic exchange point (Thinx IX), the access nodes of which are located in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Bialystok, Gdańsk, Gliwice, Lublin, Lódź, Katowice, Kraków, Poznań, Szczecin and Wrocław.

The highest security level of power supply system at ATMs data centers

ATM S.A. carefully monitors, collects and analyses the parameters of services and key resources, such as electricity, thus providing the servers colocated and hosted at its data centers with the highest level of security and quick response to emergencies. In accordance with the data collected from the monitoring systems, the availability of guaranteed power supply at both the Thinx Poland facility and ATMAN Data Center has been at 100% over the last two years.

ATM data centers feature a total of more than 42 MW of guaranteed 2N redundancy power supply. Its measured 100-percent availability has been made possible by providing power supply to the facilities with two independent lines from two independent power ring locations, supported by two independent power plants, as well as by diesel power generators with guaranteed autonomy of uninterrupted operation, featuring as emergency power source.

Collection and analysis of data in the ATMs data centers is implemented with the use of an innovative environment monitoring system, developed on the basis of SCADA software (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition). Currently, the system, deployed in a 24/7 mode, monitors already as many as 9,000 variables at three levels: a single telecommunications cabinet, a server room and the entire data center. The monitored variables and equipment include: temperature, humidity, voltage presence detectors, air conditioning systems and water detectors, power system flows, power network analysers, switches of backup power supply systems, as well as UPS devices, power generators, cooling systems, fire protection systems and fire dampers.

is a Polish public company (WSE: ATM) providing innovative ICT solutions for business since 1991. Under the brands of ATMAN and Thinx Poland the company offers telecommunications services based on its own fiber networks and three data centers in Poland, with over 8,300 sq m (ca. 89,300 sq feet) of state-of-the-art colocation space. Key elements of ATMs offer include: colocation and hosting, broadband data transmission and Internet access. In particular, carriers, Internet portals, traditional media and financial institutions may be found among the receivers of ATM services.

The company is the only Polish operator present in all three of Europe's largest interconnect nodes: AMS-IX Amsterdam, DE-CIX Frankfurt and LINX London.
More information at www.atman.pl and www.thinx.pl.

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