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Third quarter successful for telecommunications business of ATM S.A.

Cumulatively, after three quarters of 2012 ATM S.A. has achieved good financial results in the segment of telecommunications services. The Company has earned sales revenues of PLN 135.96 million (33% increase y/y), sales margin of PLN 53.34 million (5% increase y/y) and PLN 16.2 million of operating profit (20% increase y/y) and EBITDA of PLN 30.43 million (11% increase y/y).

After a weaker second quarter, the Company has been able to generate the third quarter result comparable to the best result in the companys history, which was achieved in the first quarter of 2012. In the last three months, ATM has earned sales revenues of more than PLN 40.3 million (7% increase y/y), sales margin of PLN 17.84 million (1% increase y/y) and PLN 5.72 million of operating profit (23% increase y/y) and EBITDA of PLN 10.75 million (8% increase y/y).

In this period, the Company has successfully expanded the sales of its telecommunications services in the corporate sector, with particular consideration given to private healthcare service providers. At the present juncture, colocation, data transmission and Internet access services, provided by ATM under the brands of ATMAN and Thinx Poland, are used by all major private healthcare service providers in Poland. ATM S.A. clients include, inter alia, Medicover, Damian Medical Center, ENEL-MED S.A. Medical Center, LUX MED as well as Medrun and TMS Diagnostyka.

Data centers

Continuing the trend from previous years, the best results were generated in the field of data center services. Thanks to the use of the new area in the server rooms placed in use at the beginning of the current year, the Company has generated 18% increase in revenue from colocation services in the third quarter of 2012 as compared with the corresponding period of the previous year, and 5% increase as compared with the second quarter of this year. Cumulatively, after three quarters of 2012 ATM S.A. has earned sales revenue from the sale of colocation services of more than PLN 36.7 million, constituting 91% of overall last years sales.

Colocation services were again a driver of our growth in telecommunications business. We are expecting a good year end, since we assume finalisation of negotiations in progress on material space in our data centers, said Maciej Krzyżanowski, President of the Management Board of ATM S.A.

Data transmission

In the second biggest segment of operations, i.e. data transmission and fibre-optic services, the company has also recorded satisfactory financial results in the last quarter. In the third quarter, ATM generated the revenue of more than PLN 11.1 million in this area, with a slight 3% decrease as compared with the corresponding period of last year. The main reasons include the completion of projects provided to other telecommunications carriers over the last six quarters that consisted in facilitating the access to fibre-optic metropolitan area network in the biggest cities in Poland in order to fulfil contracts connected, for instance, with LTE.

Currently, we started the implementation of new contracts based on the fibre-optic infrastructure of ATMAN network, which should also generate additional revenue in the area of data transmission and fibre-optic services in the next quarters, said Maciej Krzyżanowski, President of the Management Board of ATM S.A.

Internet access

In the area of Internet access services for corporate clients, ATM has again recorded a decrease in revenues for the quarter. The third quarter was extremely hard, because the company showed revenue lower by more than PLN 0.4 million than in the previous quarter of 2012, generating only PLN 5.25 million of revenue, which was 10% lower than in the corresponding period last year. ATM, like the majority of wholesale Internet access providers, has been experiencing a significant decrease in unit prices over the last several quarters, which are not compensated by the increase in the volume of IP movement. However, the share of revenue from Internet access is systematically decreased by other product categories, thus this kind of services does not significantly affect the generated revenue from telecommunications activities any more. In the third quarter of the current year, the share of three main products in the overall revenue from telecommunications (with the exclusion of revenue from OST 112 contract) amounted respectively to: colocation 41.9%, data transmission and fiber-optic services 37.1%, Internet access 17.4%.

ATM S.A. is a Polish public company (WSE: ATM) providing innovative ICT solutions for business since 1991. Under the brands of ATMAN and Thinx Poland the company offers telecommunications services based on its own fiber networks and three data centers in Poland, with over 8,300 sq m (ca. 89,300 sq feet) of state-of-the-art colocation space. Key elements of ATMs offer include: colocation and hosting, broadband data transmission and Internet access. In particular, carriers, Internet portals, traditional media and financial institutions may be found among the receivers of ATM services.
The company is the only Polish operator present in all three of Europe's largest interconnect nodes: AMS-IX Amsterdam, DE-CIX Frankfurt and LINX London.
More information at www.atman.pl and www.thinx.pl.

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