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New ATMAN contracts in the healthcare sector

ATM S.A., the owner of ATMAN nation-wide fiber network and the leading provider of data center services in Poland, has recently expanded collaboration with private healthcare service providers, signing contracts with Promedica Care and the ENEL-MED Medical Center among others.

Dynamic development of private healthcare in Poland, as an alternative to public one, is associated with increased demand for telecommunications services, especially among large institutions in the sector. A growing number of patients means generating more and more data and hence the need to provide its safe storage, processing and convenient access to it, which requires reliable telecommunications solutions.

ATM S.A. supports the vast majority of the largest private healthcare institutions that operate in our country, mostly by providing colocation of ICT systems and data transmission services. ATM guarantees a secure environment for its customers servers and quick access to the storaged data from locations scattered all around the country (also from the public network), and also enables remote branches of healthcare institutions to connect. That is why the group of ATM customers representing this sector grows systematically.

Promedica Care, a company operating in Poland and many countries of Western Europe, specializing in medical staff recruitment and care services provision, has recently chosen ATMAN data transmission services. The ENEL-MED Medical Center (Centrum Medyczne ENEL-MED) on the other hand not only has extended the existing contract with ATM for the next three years, but in addition has opted for ATMAN telephone services offer.

ATM S.A. customers colocate their ICT resources in three state-of-the-art data centers owned by ATM (8,500 sq m of total technical space located in Warsaw and Katowice). Moreover, using ATM data transmission services based on its own nation-wide fiber-optic network, private healthcare institutions that have an extensive network of medical facilities and branches may connect all of them into a network in order to provide remote access to their IT systems and storaged data as well as optimise running costs and manage their telecommunications resources more efficiently.

Our reference list confirms that ATM infrastructure and offer fit perfectly the telecommunications needs of healthcare institutions, and that the level of services rendered suits them. Beside the mentioned Promedica Care and the ENEL-MED Medical Center, ATM customers include the Damian Medical Center (Centrum Medyczne Damiana), the Medrun Medical Center (Centrum Medyczne Medrun), LUX MED, Medicover and TMS Diagnostyka, among others. Majority of contracts signed in the healthcare services sector are long-term in nature.

ATM S.A. is a Polish public company (WSE: ATM) providing innovative ICT solutions for business since 1991. Under the brands of ATMAN and Thinx Poland the company offers telecommunications services based on its own fiber networks and three data centers in Poland, with over 8,500 sq m (ca. 91,500 sq ft) of state-of-the-art colocation space. Key elements of ATMs offer include: colocation and hosting, broadband data transmission and Internet access. In particular, carriers, Internet portals, traditional media and financial institutions may be found among the receivers of ATM services.
The company is the only Polish operator present in three of Europe's largest interconnect nodes: AMS-IX Amsterdam, DE-CIX Frankfurt and LINX London.
More information at www.atman.pl and www.thinx.pl.

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