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Cooperation between RETN and ATM S.A. to connect the East and the West

RETN and ATM S.A. have begun commercial cooperation. RETN has launched a new DWDM and IP inter-operator hub in ATMs Thinx Poland Data Center and enabled ATM direct connection to the largest Internet exchange point in Moscow.

Warsaw, Moscow 30 September 2013 ATM S.A., owner of the ATMAN nationwide fibre-optic network and a leading provider of data center services in Poland (under the ATMAN and Thinx Poland brands) and RETN one of the leading Russian backbone provider, which is rapidly expanding its international data transmission network, have begun commercial cooperation in the area of colocation services, data transmission and exchange of IP traffic.

The dynamically developing RETN, which has an extensive backbone network in Eastern Europe and Asia and is present in the largest exchange hubs in the world (including Amsterdam, Chicago, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, London, New York, Tokyo and Washington), will be yet another major international participant in Thinx IX. In addition, with its presence in Thinx Poland Data Center the largest carrier-neutral data center in Poland, it will also be able to provide its customers with colocation services in Poland as well as IP and data transmission services in the MPLS, DWDM and SDH technologies.

Cooperation with RETN and connection with its network is the next step for ATM S.A. in the business development in Eastern Europe. This collaboration enhances the Companys prospects for the acquisition of new customers in the Russian market and providing them with first-class colocation services through ATM S.A.s three modern data centers in Poland, which have a total area of 8,500 sq m, as well as services in the ATMAN fibre-optic network, which includes metropolitan networks in eight major Polish cities. The cooperation is also beneficial for the Companys customers from Western Europe, as they will gain even better communication with the East.

The two companies share a common desire for rapid development and acquisition of new markets for high quality colocation and transmission services, and cooperation with RETN gives us an excellent tool to achieve these goals. Access to RETNs network infrastructure will allow ATM S.A. to reach the vast Eastern-European market. We are open to cooperation with companies that value full availability, reliability and technical excellence of colocation and transmission services along with high quality of customer service, said Maciej Krzyżanowski, President of the Management Board of ATM S.A.

This agreement is just another small step in the histories of both companies, but I believe it can bring very tangible benefits for both RETN and ATM, and is the beginning of a fruitful cooperation, said Daniel Jasiński, Managing Director of RETN Poland, the Polish branch of the RETN Group.

RETN is a backbone provider offering international IP transit, Capacity and VPN services to large Corporates, Carriers and ISPs over its own pan-European cross-border optic network. RETN has its optical network in 24 countries over Europe, Asia and America concentrating most of its backbones and PoPs in Russia and Europe. The homogeneous cross-border infrastructure of RETN`s pan-European DWDM and IP network has a considerable bandwidth on the four routes between Russia and the West with a current utilized capacity reaching 1.0 Tbps on each direction. The RETN network provides a considerable part of the international traffic exchange in Russia and some other countries of the Commonwealth.


ATM S.A. is a telecommunications company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Under the brands of ATMAN and Thinx Poland, the company offers telecommunications services based on its own fibre networks and data centers. Key elements of ATMs offer include: internet access, broadband data transmission, colocation and hosting. The company also provides telephone and telecommunications outsourcing services. ATMs main customers include telecommunications carriers, traditional media, web portals, and companies from the financial, commercial and industrial sectors. More information available at: www.atm.com.pl.

Contact details:

Robert Paszkiewicz, Head of Marketing
Robert.Paszkiewicz@atm.com.pl, 22 51 56 613

Daniel Jasiński, RETN Poland
djasinski@retn.net, 22 256 49 01

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