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Comments from ATM S.A. Management Board on the completed tender offer for shares in the Company

With regard to the ending of the tender offer for ATM S.A. shares announced by Fisterra sp. z o.o., a subsidiary of Innova Capital, the management board of ATM S.A. wishes to make known the following information.

Warsaw, 18 June 2014 The offer did not take effect due to non-fulfilment of the condition stated in the offer, namely that the offer would be successful if subscriptions for the sale of shares in ATM amounted to not fewer than 90% of the shares in the company. The non-fulfilment of that condition resulted from differences as to the valuation of the company between the investor making the offer and the companys present shareholders. On the one hand the price offered by the investor was not accepted by the shareholders, who considered it too low with respect to the true value of the company, its prospects for further development and growth in its value, while on the other hand the investor was not willing to increase the offered price.

Innova Capitals plan to invest in ATM S.A. was a project which was very interesting for the company, and would have led to an investor from the private equity sector obtaining a majority shareholding, withdrawal of ATM S.A. shares from stock exchange trading, and the consolidation around ATM of various firms specializing in data centre services in this part of Europe. These plans could not be successfully realized, in view of the unequivocal position of the present shareholders, who consider ATM to be a company with good prospects, representing a profitable and at the same time secure investment.

As a result, ATM S.A. will continue its operations with its existing configuration of shareholders. The company has excellent prospects for further growth based on its current investment projects. These prospects provide the possibility that in the future revenue will double and profits will grow many times over. In the near future, the company will be focusing on the rapid completion and commercialization of current investment projects, which will mean significantly increased revenue from colocation services (services involving the making available of data centre infrastructure). ATM will continue taking steps to strengthen its position as leader in data centre services and as the leading data transmission services operator in Poland, and to obtain a strong position among foreign clients. The Company has the potential to do this, and the management board and the entire staff of the Company intend to make full and successful use of that potential, to the benefit of the Company and its shareholders.

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