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ATM S.A. opens its new F4 colocation facility

The new F4 colocation building is part of the ATMAN Data Center, which is the largest in Poland, offering the highest standards of security. With equipment including backup power sources and telecommunications links, as well as monitoring systems with round-the-clock access control, it is designed for customers who wish to focus on their core business activity while at the same time optimizing their data storage and processing costs.

Warsaw, 7 July 2014 ATM S.A., owner and operator of the ATMAN nationwide fibre-optic network and provider of data center services in Poland (under the ATMAN and Thinx Poland brands), has announced that its new F4 building, which expands the net space of the ATMAN Data Center by an additional 1000 square metres, can be used by both large and small businesses.

At F4 we offer comprehensive, highest-quality colocation and hosting services, ranging from single units to server cabinets and separate server rooms for large customers, and even leasing of dedicated servers to small and medium-sized firms. Every customer will have the highest standard of security guaranteed, on both technical and organizational levels. F4, like the other buildings which make up the ATMAN Data Center, has backup power sources and telecommunications links, failsafe cooling and fire-extinguishing systems, as well as round-the-clock physical security, monitoring, access control, and 24/7 maintenance enabling immediate reaction to potential threats, explains Maciej Krzyżanowski, CEO of ATM S.A.

Companies making use of the server and network infrastructure at F4 are also assured of both rapid and efficient data transfer, thanks to ATM S.A.s fibre-optic network, which provides services using symmetric connections with fully guaranteed bandwidth and zero IP packet loss. The ATMAN network has direct, high-capacity points of contact with more than a thousand worldwide telecommunications networks, as well as access nodes at the largest IP traffic exchange points in Poland (Thinx IX, PLIX, TPIX, EPIX) and elsewhere in Europe (Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Moscow), which all adds up to an assurance of the highest quality and fully dependable access to Internet resources.

In view of the extensive server and network infrastructure and the high quality parameters that it offers, the take-up rate of services at F4 is expected to be rapid. We have already signed a contract for the use of 25% of the colocation space at the new facility with one of the largest financial organizations in Poland. This is a long-term agreement. At the same time we are involved in intense discussions with other potential customers, who wish to be able to focus on their core business and also optimize their data storage and processing costs. Prospects for the sale of services in the new colocation building are extremely good, Maciej Krzyżanowski says.

Demand for data center services is being stimulated by a number of growth factors, including the digitization of business and the public sector, the expansion of LTE technology, growth in numbers of mobile devices and quantities of transmitted data, and the development of social media and e-commerce. The increasing demand for cloud-based solutions is also having a significant effect.

More and more firms, instead of adapting their own office space to meet the needs of an ever-expanding server room, are preferring to outsource their data communications operations to data centers. This helps optimize costs and increase data security. Confirmation of this comes from the recent survey results published by PMR. Compared with 2012, the value of the Polish data center services market has increased by well above 10%, and has passed the one billion zloty mark. This double-figure growth can be expected to be maintained in the coming years. It was also for these reasons that we took the strategic decision to expand the ATMAN Data Center by building the new F4 colocation facility. And we do not intend to stop there we have already begun constructing the next facility, the F5 building. This development is expected to be completed in mid-2015, and will allow the company to strengthen its position as leader in the Polish data center market, Maciej Krzyżanowski added.

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