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ATM will provide broadband Internet access for the National Center for Nuclear Research in ¦wierk

The implementation is executed by ATM S.A. for the ¦wierk Computing Center (CI¦) project carried out at the National Center for Nuclear Research. The connection of CI¦ to ATMs ATMAN fiber optics network will allow for the strengthening of the Center as the largest supplier of modern IT services for both, the conventional and nuclear power sectors in Poland. Redundant broadband Internet access will allow for secure and efficient processing of data in the Center, as well as the effective execution of in-house research and development. This project has been awarded to ATM in an open tender.

Warsaw, 10 September 2014 ATM S.A., owner and operator of the nationwide ATMAN fiber optic network, and a supplier of data center services in Poland (these services are provided under the ATMAN and Thinx Poland brands) announces that redundant and reliable broadband Internet access will be provided for the ¦wierk Computing Center under an agreement with the National Center for Nuclear Research.

The project that we are commencing is exceptional in respect of its scale and complexity, and also because of the strategic significance of the ¦wierk Computing Center for the development of the national energy sector. This sector requires highly intelligent and effective IT solutions that allow for the equally quick and secure processing of gigantic amounts of data for the needs of design and installation of power generating equipment, distribution of conventional and nuclear power, monitoring and simulation of the fuel processes and the radiological hazards. These capabilities will be provided to the Center through broadband Internet access delivered with our unique expertise and ICT infrastructure stated Maciej Krzyżanowski, President of the Management Board (CEO) of ATM S.A.

The project for the provision of redundant broadband Internet access for the ¦wierk Computing Center will be executed in two stages. Stage one includes the supply and support during configuration of two broadband links. The project requirements are very demanding having considered the critical role of the CI¦ in the Polish power sector.

Every link must assure a throughput of 5 Gbps, including a minimum of 4 Gbps to a network outside of Poland (Tier 1) and at least the same throughput for Internet resources available at type IX domestic Internet Exchange Points (to networks that use open peering). At the same time, the links must be terminated at two different contractors network nodes and allow independent data transmission. Moreover, ATM S.A. will guarantee comprehensive support for the use of protocol IPv6.

The second stage will focus on the configuration and testing of the operation of the Internet access services on the installed links, and finally on assurance of the reliability of the access to the network as provided for in the agreement.

The supercomputer that is being devised in ¦wierk is created so to support the Polish power industry and research. The value of the complete CI¦ project is nearly PLN 98 million. The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund in the amount of PLN 83 million and by a special purpose grant from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in the amount of PLN 14.5 million.

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