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New Internet sales platform in ATM S.A.

A new version of eco.atman.pl expands the ATM offering by the addition of automatic sales of ATMAN Cloud.

The new eco.atman.pl platform comes as a result of the recently announced ATM strategy to promote the development of Internet sales and add new products to the company's offering. Some of the challenges are being realized by the newly established Internet Customers Department (ICD) whose goals include maximizing the company's revenues from data center services through automated online sales addressed to domestic and international customers alike.

"With the new eco.atman.pl service, we have now new opportunities regarding Internet sales of ATM products. In addition to our successful dedicated servers, whose sales have been growing by several dozen per cent a year, the new platform has been expanded by the addition of the cloud computing offer another service that is fully configurable by the customer. We expect a strong demand for this service both in the country and abroad. Moreover, our sales platform has become simpler and more intuitive for the customers to operate and, as importantly, has been prepared to add further new products the enrich our offering, said Marcin Kowalski, ICD Manager.

On laptop, tablet and smartphone

Based on state-of-the-art technologies and standards, the new eco.atman.pl platform meets the requirements of the fast growing market with the dominant presence of mobile devices. Relying on the Responsive Web Design (RWD) technology, the platform will serve the customer regardless of the device he or she is using at the moment it works on mobile phones, tablets and PCs (also with Full HD screens). The new platform has successfully passed the Google Mobile Friendly Test.

"The changes made to our online sales platform will allow our customers to review our offering and configure their orders in a more comfortable manner. We are now working on a new www.atman.pl service that will conveniently provide our existing and future customers with information they might require, said Jacek Krupa, Vice President of the Management Board in charge of sales and marketing.

ATMAN EcoSerwer dedicated servers

Offered on the eco.atman.pl platform, the rental of ATMAN EcoSerwer dedicated servers provides for launching new Internet and intranet services and business applications in line with the changing user needs. The servers used are based on an efficient hardware platform, equipped with an operating system and enjoy servicing support. Their colocation in ATMAN Data Center in Warsaw ensures sufficient communication with various telecom operators, high bandwidth that permits e.g. video transmissions as well as power redundant power supply, full physical safety and monitoring, and a wide range of tools for remote server management. Launched in just several minutes, the ATMAN EcoSerwer service is covered by the SLA (Service Level Agreement) guarantee.


Included in the eco.atman.pl offer, the ATMAN Cloud service provides for immediate launching virtual servers and services within the available resources: CPU, RAM and storage. ATMAN Cloud offers efficiency, safety, availability, scalability and convenient management. A standard ATMAN Cloud package ensures fully configurable cloud computing environment along with a dashboard for independent management of the service. This makes it possible to launch new virtual machines, allocate resources to them and control their operations at any time.

"ATMAN EcoSerwer is ATM's fastest growing product in terms of sales. We are hoping ATMAN Cloud will enjoy as good reception among our customers. The upgraded eco.atman.pl platform is meant to be our website for automated sales of various data center and telecommunications products. The efficient, professional and well-tuned ICD team, who are experts in supporting the ATMAN EcoSerwer service, guarantee that our future products will be introduced to online sales as successfully. This is one of the foundations for growth in our company's sales in the coming years, said Tadeusz Czichon, President of the Management Board of ATM S.A.

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