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Atman joins an Austrian Internet exchange point

The operator of the Polish nationwide Atman fiber-optic network and of Thinx Internet eXchange has opened another foreign access hub. Not long after connecting to the NIX.CZ Internet exchange point in Prague, Atman has further extended its reach by joining the Vienna Internet eXchange.

The connection to VIX does not run directly from Warsaw, but from Frankfurt from the DE-CIX exchange point, of which Atman is already a member. The FrankfurtVienna link extends the network infrastructure at the operators disposal by an additional 1057 km. The total length of Atmans long-distance and international connections is now in excess of 15,100 km.

The connection to the Austrian Internet exchange point at the start of the year is not the only activity undertaken abroad by the company in recent months. In autumn, the reach of the Atman fiber-optic network was expanded to include the main Internet exchange point in the Czech Republic: NIX.CZ. Before that, in the first half of 2015, Atman had joined the DTEL-IX and Giganet hubs in Ukraine.

We are consistently expanding the scope of our operations to include further European exchange points that are important from a business point of view. The development of our network by connecting to the Vienna Internet eXchange, for example, means even faster and more stable access to the resources of the global Internet for Atman customers. And above all, it provides a direct benefit to members of the Thinx IX, because every newly connected hub brings an expansion in the pool of operators with which they can freely exchange traffic, explains Jacek Krupa, Vice President of ATM S.A.

Atman is the only Polish operator to have a simultaneous presence at multiple key European exchange points. The approximately 160 members of the Internet exchange managed by Atman are now able to freely exchange IP traffic with open peering operators connected to the AMS-IX in Amsterdam, the above-mentioned German DE-CIX, the DTEL-IX and Giganet hubs in Kiev, LINX in London, MSK-IX in Moscow, the Bulgarian NetIX based in Sofia, NIX.CZ in Prague, and VIX in Vienna.

is the WSE listed Polish data center market leader as well as an expert in security of data transmission and processing. Under the Atman brand the company provides colocation, hosting and cloud computing services in its data centers with 13,600 sq m (146,400 sq ft) of the total space. Using own international links and fiber-optic networks in the largest Polish cities, Atman offers broadband IP services including Internet access and data transmission. Major recipients of the services are telecommunications operators, traditional media, Internet portals, financial institutions, commercial and industrial companies. More information at www.atm.com.pl.

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